I woke up for THIS?

You know there are some days where it’s just best to stay in bed. Here’s mine for yesterday:

Woke up around 5 at night – it was dark when I opened my eyes. Still frigging freezing – wonder where that damn leak is. Laid under the covers and watched the Packers game, since the Bears don’t play until tonight.

Finally get up, and watch the Sunday night game, when I run out of Cheese. Ok, no problem – just run to the corner store (Nobles on Jefferson – not exactly the best place to get stuff, but when Save-A-Lot is closed and the bus is running, a good place to be) and take care of it.

So I get to the elevator, and it won’t come up. Fine – I can walk down the steps to take the trash out. Probably someone who forgot to close the door, right? (For those who’ve never been in my building, my elevator is one of those that you have to manually open and close the outer door and inside gate – if it had been maintained properly, it’d be really cool; as it is, beat up, with layers of paint and carpeting that make it look ugly, it sorely needs replacement.) I get down to the second floor, where the car is conveniently located, and the doors are closed. Okay, this has happened before – looks closed but the contacts don’t meet up, so it can’t move. So I go into the elevator and try it – nothing. Press the button again – still nothing. The darn thing is broken.

Of course, there’s no other signs than the one I won’t see until I get to the bottom floor. Great – another climb up 5 flights of stairs when I get home. Thanks for putting signs up on the other floors so we would avoid the darn thing.

Throw the trash bag in the dumpster, then walk towards Nobles, where upon arriving, see a nice sign greeting me: link cards don’t work there (for now), and new hours 6a-10p. It is 9 at night, and the doors are locked. Tried pulling it open a few times, knocked – nothing. Great – another walk to Amoco/McDonalds on State and Jefferson, the next nearest open store in the area. So I go back, sit downstairs for a bit, then go back outside and walk to Amoco.

I get there shortly after 11, and after getting into the bathroom, I soon regret the trip. Once again, as I usually come into the bathroom there, the toilet seat has been shit on. Not just pissed on, but caked on shit as well. Even worse, it was all dried, meaning it was left like that for a few hours without anyone bothering to check or wipe it down. Gross.

So, after I wipe it down and do my duty, and eat a snack (2 pies – I was offered more, but I declined), I grab the things I’m going to buy. All I had for money at the time was change for laundry – what was left of a roll. I warned him about it beforehand, and he kindly said that he can not take rolled change – it’s against store policy.

I was ready to accept this and start unrolling change when another guy comes in, pays for his gas in front of me, and starts bitching at the station attendant about not accepting my change. I’m thinking, okay, he’s trying to help me out. Maybe I can get some dollars back so I can pay for this. Instead, he buys something for a quarter item and leaves. And now, the gas station attendant – who was only doing his job – is now pissed off at me.

So after getting my money exchanged from the manager at McDonalds, and paying for my stuff, it hits me – it’s a lot warmer than my apartment was when I left. (I had noticed it being warm earlier than that, but the thought that my apartment was actually colder hadn’t hit – I just thought it was nice out.) So, I walk back home, taking Wyman to park instead of the alleyway to Jefferson like before. Get up to the building, and I am approached by a couple of people. Great, now what? I thought before even saying anything. Turns out they just wanted to see if a neighbor was there. I offer for them to follow, and only the lady does. She goes up stairs, and is back down before I am finally rested enough to make my climb up 5 flights of steps.

Rest of the night wasn’t bad – missed the second half of a blowout against the Cowboys, and was in the middle of 24, so I missed the CSI:Miami rerun. Things did get better, although I can’t do anything I need to until the elevator is fixed. 😦 Another night where my decorations sit inside my closet.

So what is my point? Four things. First, if you’re going to make a sign that says you’re open until such and such a time, BE OPEN! I could have been back up stairs and still had a halfway decent night had they been open like they said they’d be.

Second, If there is a problem, do something about it. If I had known the elevator wasn’t working again, I would have waited until the darn thing was fixed – instead, I found out when I got down stairs. Having signs on all floors instead of the first one would have been handy, as should have been done. Not cool.

Third, if you have a sidewalk, PLEASE shovel it. There was a number of times just walking to Amoco McDonalds down Jefferson Street where I had to walk in the middle of the road because there was no other safe place to walk. Although it’s excusable for the old lady to have difficulty shoveling it, Bank One, should have been shoveled, and the Funeral home on the corner of 6th and Jefferson should not have had an impassable snowbank. It’s even less excusable when the snow’s been down for a week – it’s understandable the first few days for it not to be shoveled, but someone could have been there to do it by now. This is true for both businesses and homeowners: If I slip and fall because you can’t shovel a sidewalk, I have no problem taking you and -if you’re a business owner – your company to court to pay for anything broken. I should not have to walk in the middle of a street where there are sidewalks covered by snow because you can’t shovel it. I don’t care who owns it or whose property it is, I should not have to put up with it. Pay a kid to do it, do it yourself, or expect to hear about it when I finally do fall and hurt myself because of it.

Finally, although both the gas station attendant and the gentleman I thought was helping me meant well, if that gentleman had not butted in where his business wasn’t welcome, I wouldn’t have had the attendant angry at me, and I sure as hell wouldn’t have been angry because of it. If you’re not going to help a situation, Butt the hell out.

Ok, I’m done bitching now. Sorry about the profanity.


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