Not-So-Random Thoughts for Friday, November 3rd, 2006

As I sit here eating my Mac and Cheese pissed off at the state for not having my unemployment check today, I figured it’d be a good time to check in.

More Political Bullshit

If you’re outside of IL, most of you won’t care, and this will just be another in my political rants of the last few weeks. To you I only have to say Thank god Election day is four days away! It means Bush can go back to doing what he does best (I’ll spare you my opinion of that, though you can guess I would have only voted for him because he was the lesser of two idiots – or, in this case 3), Kerry can go and put the political red tape back where it belongs (on his mouth), and we can watch some other commercials than “This person did this” and “that person voted for that.” I am so sick of the election commercials I want the dumb fast food ads back – just for something different to complain about!

Seriously, though, this is one of those times where I am glad I missed an election. After Kerry (1.) Made the comments he did about the troops, (2.) Refused to apologize, and (3.) finally did apologize, and not in front of the media, I am fully glad we have the idiot we have in office now. I still feel the same way I do about Bush, but by doing what Kerry did, he not only showed disrespect to those troops and families of troops that he insulted, he also insulted every person who would have or did vote for him. This is the one time I didn’t make it to the polls to vote.

(As for why I didn’t vote the last two presidential elections, I don’t have a valid excuse for either time, but I do know I didn’t find out I was not registered to vote where I lived until the day of the second presidential election. I don’t agree that those who don’t vote don’t have a right to complain, but I do feel that it is just as much my fault as it is every other person who did vote for who’s in office for not voting. This is in spite of the fact that the person who won in IL was the same person I was going to vote for anyways.)

As for stuff in IL, my mind is made up. In every race – except one – where both parties are slammin g each other with negative ad campaign coverage, I’m going towards the person I feel has done a better job of presenting what they will do and what they have done already. Not wasting my time with anyone I have no information on, so no independents will be getting my vote. right now, only one person has a clear vote from me: Lisa Madigan. the only ad I have seen from her was a positive one talking about what she has already done, and that, as far as I am concerned, is good enough to earn a vote. (Jesse White would have been just as clear had he not decided to fight back against this Dan Rutherford dumbass who has done and said nothing other than to slam his opponent from day one.)

The only one I know for certain I will have trouble deciding on Tuesday is the 17th district judge. This is because, unlike every other ad that slams the opponent, both of these two have run clean ads. In fact, until I read today’s newspaper, I did not know they were against each other, or that there were some people who say it as a race issue: Gwen Gulley is a black woman, while Ed Prochaska is a white male. Given all the facts I have, I’m probably going to vote for Gulley over Prochaska, though I’ll be wishing to vote both into the position. Gulley is a lawyer, while Prochaska already is a judge – which is the one big difference between the two, and the reason why I am deciding this way.

You may have been wondering why I have been so political these past few postings. the simple reason is that I have enough time to follow things now, making it a better case for me to vote. Truth is, though, that I am fed up with all of the BS going on, causing all of the problems I see. There aren’t enough cops out on the streets catching people doing stupid stuff, there’s too many problems already in place to help those who have to rely on social services such as unemployment and public transportation (aka BUS), there’s a lot of stuff not being done to better people’s lives, my own included. i won’t lie that, if someone comes my way with a decent plan to change what is going on in the government that I feel I can trust, that person is getting my support. Since many of the directions I want to go involve politics in one form or another, who I vote for and what I support is important.

News about a couple of movies…

This has been a busy week for video game movies. First, the bad news for Halo fans: Halo has been put on hold until everyone involved in the project feels that they will be delivering a top-notch movie. This is a good thing, in a way: Although Microsoft has been the butt of many of my comments, their XBox system, as well as the way they have taken the gaming world seriously, deserves a lot of respect. For a company as big as MS to say something like that, especially when they’ve had blunders and many criticisms in the past for doing what they want and not delivering good stuff, is a great sign, as it shows that they might finally be paying attention to its customers. It also means that whatever Fox and Universal, the financial backers and distributors of the film, are not taking it serious enough, in spite of MS’s steep demand. You can read about it here.

In the good news, Paul W.S. Anderson, the guy behind Mortal Kombat, Resident Evil, and Alien Vs. Predator movie adaptations, has been given the green light for the Castlevania series, which will be released by Universal Picture’s Rogue Pictures label. While the phrase “Dracula Begins” kinda disturbs me – usually a director comparing one film to another is missing the mark – I’m very confident in him doing it. I liked all three of his efforts, and still feel he is the only one doing video game movies any justice. There are very few directors who do video game movies at all, and even fewer who do them any justice. Asking a big name to do it is risky, as it may never get done, or if it does, is not given the justice that movie deserves. as for Uwe Boll, the idiot behind House of the Dead and the only other director of video game movies, I wouldn’t trust him with a toilet bowl brush. (He may mistake it to clean his ass instead!) You can find more info here and here.

Finally, on the “Who cares” area, DOA: Dead or Alive, will finally hit theaters in December. from everything I have heard, I seriously doubt I will be wasting money to see it: it sounds like they’re only taking a few of the ladies from the game series and making a story around them. With a few films on the way that sound a lot more fun, and a little desire to watch what sounds like a Mortal Kombat knockoff, this will probably be a rental, if I see it at all. If you really want to know about it – I’m sure the one fan who is out there does – here’s the imdb info.

Writer’s Block

What’s the fastest way to lose creativity? Add pressure and a timeline to it. Some people, the very best, do well under pressure: you give them a deadline, they nail it and then some. Most people, which I would put at 99% of them, do not do well, and either need extra time to do a job right, or turn in a turd project on time, if not early.

Me, I definitely fall into the latter, with an added problem: Most of the pressure I put on myself. On the bright side, it means that, if I meet the expected deadline (I usually set mine a certain distance from it to save myself some spare time – Just in case), what they get is good, or better than I originally planned.

That, however, is a rarity: the majority of the time, I not only miss my deadline, I barely make the actual deadline as well. Sometimes I luck out, sometimes I don’t. Most of the time, i feel frustrated, because no matter what I do, I can never make myself satisfied.

I say all of this because, with the project I was attempting to do on Halloween, I started it much too late for what I wanted to do – hence, why the only thing on my fiction site is 2 songs and a blurb of a now-failed promise. Hence, I have not touched it at all today, thinking about other things.

I’ll get back to it, and try to write some other stuff, soon. Keep your eyes peeled – that’s the only thing I will say.

More Later – I need some rest!


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