Thoughts for October 26th, 2006

Ahhh, what a difference a week makes! I feel a lot less stressed out than before, and haven’t touched my work project in a week. Even better, I am catching up on some overdue reading (in the middle of “Jurassic Park” right now… really cool.)


Two Movies to See…

Can’t decide what to see right now? Here’s a couple of oddities I’ve caught recently.

In The Departed, Leonardo DeCaprio stars as a cop who goes undercover to catch a Boston mobster, played by Jack Nicholson, who’s also got a cop on the inside played by Matt Damon. Mark Wahlberg, Martin Sheen, Alec Baldwin, and Anthony Anderson costar, but I’d recommend – if you’re only going to see it for an actor – see it for Nicholson, because i’ve never seen him as wicked as he is in here. Otherwise, see it for how the story plays out, because the story is pretty decent. (Whatever you do, if you’re seeing it for that idiot that’s been in The Aviator and Titanic, don’t tell me – I could care less.)

Mobsters aren’t your thing? How’s about some Magic, courtesy of Batman and Wolverine?

In The Prestige, Christian bale and Hugh Jackman star as proteges of Micheal Caine who, after the death of Jackman’s wife , get very competitive. Bale loses 2 fingers after a real bullet is placed into the gun by Jackman that he uses for his “catching the bullet” trick; Jackman has to walk with a leg brace after he falls from his trapped door onto the ground while his double is hung from the rafters. They keep going until Jackman’s murder, for which Bale is on trial for. Scarlett Johansson and the unlikely – but very cool – pairing of David Bowie and Andy Serkis (remember Gollum from “The Lord of the Rings?”) as Nikola Tesla and his assistant Alley. This one has plenty of twists, and you don’t know how the other pulled off the most important tricks that they did until the end.

In both cases, don’t bring kids: The Departed is very violent and has a lot of foul language; The Prestige , apart from the violent themes and dark undertones, gives away a lot of tricks that would ruin a kids imagination.

More Politics

Grr…. even as I write this, another dumb political ad airs, and I have just about had it. I’d ask for a law against it, but the people who would need to make that law are the same people making the ads!

Anyways, a couple of thoughts have entered since my last posting. First, an article series they have been posting in the local newspaper featured a stop at a couple of the local colleges. Of the five people they talked to, one of them was from another country, and another was not registered. Even worse, the last person they talked to was just excited she was voting for the first time. The part that disturbs me is that the kid from another country seemed to know more about what is going on than any of the other kids, save for the first one who was from Chicago.

Second, and where I am going to vote: I’m not wasting my votes on anyone running a negative ad. Period. The Governor’s race here is being run by circus clowns, and the senatorial race is being ran by a pack of ravaged mutts. As much as I want to vote like a friend of mine against the incumbents, the incumbents – including the one I cheered the last time around for Not running a negative ad – may be the only ones getting my vote, if at all.

There was one thing where I wanted to speak out out, and that is on certain referendums, in particularly School Tax Referendums. The last 5-6 years I have been watching as these referendums have been voted against, by people whose blatant ignorance of the cost of funding schools and teaching students seems to outweigh any logical argument. I can relate to people saying that they can’t afford it, but “they need to manage their money better” and “I have no kids in school?”

These schools probably wouldn’t be asking for money if they didn’t need it, and each time these schools put a referendum up, they have to threaten student after school activities like sports in order to get any votes. More often than not, though, it’s the stuff the kids need that get the cuts: books – which I can vouch for – are expensive to print and reproduce, programs such as music and the arts, get cut way more than Sports ever do; and technology often gets overlooked because the school can not afford to upgrade. It’s easy to blame the teachers and administrators, who have to rely on the Tax dollars and fees they continually have to raise on parents struggling to raise kids, but to actually see the cost of everything would probably shock a lot of people, even when there is an educational discount applied.

The whole point is simple: unless there is actual proof of mismanagement at the schools, unless there is viable reason not to, vote YES for any school tax referendum, and quit your complaining and shoving off of these responsibilities on those who can not afford it. Our country is constantly lagging behind others because we have a lot of issues in teaching kids; the last thing they need is a community saying that they aren’t important enough either.

The Purge

Starting next week, I am cleaning house, both IRL and online. Keep tuned to see what is going on.

In the meantime, Catch y’all later – I’m going for some food.


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