Sunday Night Blues – Random Thoughts for July 3rd, 2006

Fuck it – I was going to lead into something cool, but it just ain’t turning out right. (This is why you eat first.)

Ruby Tuesdays

First, Thank you to everyone who came out to Ruby Tuesdays on Friday Night. If you hadn’t shown up – well, I’d still have ate there anyway. Just wouldn’t have been as fun.

For those who weren’t, some highlights:

  • Dave and Dani P., Keri, My sister Catherine and her fiance Dave (hence why I referenced last initial there), and I were all there.
  • In addition to us 6, an AE – Wanda – and her hubby (hope I am getting this right, sorry if not) Chris – joined us, making our party Tally at 8.
    it started at six, and ended at 8 at RTs.
    • The majority of the invites did not show.
  • 3 of us had the Salad bar.
  • Ask for the New Orleans Seafood with Fried Shrimp – not standard, only got it because they didn’t have standard shrimp, but it tastes really good.
  • Couldn’t do Smirnoff Ice – waiter came back to table 3 different times with three different alcohol-related issues. Did a Bud Light instead.
  • Keri and Chris arranged for the Waiters to do their “Happy Birthday” singing for me. (Yes, you did get me embarassed there – and no, that’s not a complaint.)
  • Went to Neighbors Bar and Grill in Loves Park, IL afterwards. Ended up leaving at 11.
  • Dave and Dani P. did not join us at Neighbors.
  • Ran into Mark W. and Chad at Neighbors.
  • Keri got me a gift card, Dave and Dani a shirt. (BTW, Keri, got new Holly Brook CD, and I’ve yet to hear it. Dani, wore the shirt last night.)
  • Never stand up around drunk people when 80’s/90’s dance music is playing – especially if you’re the sober one, (In my case, next to Sober – I think Keri had less than I did, and I only had the Bud Light from RT’s. And yes, Wanda, that did Embarass me as well – and no, it’s not a complaint.)

All in all, it was a good night for everyone there, I had fun, i think most everyone else there had fun, and if you weren’t there, well, if this didn’t sound like fun, I apologize. I definitely agree with one comment: We’re going to have to do this again soon. I think I would have worried less had I organized better.


As I stated in my last posting, I was going to sit down and work on some plans to take care of my problems – I usually do my best when I do this. I plan to tackle that tomorrow afternoon, so be prepared for a posting later in the week.

MySpace and WordPress, sitting in a tree…

Most of those who know me online know of my WordPress blog, but how many of you knew of my MySpace Site? This is the first – and possibly only – dual-posting in both blogs.

I originally got MySpace to use that as the main promotional tool for the project I am working on, titled Bruise. The problem is, MySpace is a good promotional tool for Bands and movies, but not for Books – hence, the problem I face there. Worse, they don’t allow for external editors: anything you do has to be copy and pasted. (so far as I know right now.)

My WordPress blog is updated using Ecto, an easy-to-use blog editor that works like a word processor, and only maintains what is need: the content. It makes it super-easy to maintain the WordPress blog. I have no clue, however, as to how to do the same with mySpace, as I haven’t found enough info on doing it well. (Yes, Russ, there’s copy-paste, but uploading is faster.)

In the mean time, I’m kinda taking a poll. If enough readers look at my MySpace account, I may continue to do this, and to search for an easy way to post to both; if not, I might just dedicate my MySpace to something else. In the meantime, here’s the sites:


Here’s the official title to my first book. More details will come soon, but, right now, it’s on track for a november release.

Catch you soon!


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