Random Thought for June 24th

With five days until my golden birthday, I figured I’d do a hunt on things that happened on the day I was born.

I was born June 29th, 1977, the Son of Denise Blomquist and John Winquist, the first of both sides of that family, and the only one in both. In light of this, I figured I’d hunt some info on what happened the day I was born. (For a faster search, do a google on “June 29th, 1977.”)

Baseball: Ironically, this was the first thing to pop up. While clicking here will show you all of the scores and highlights for the month, here’s how my three teams did:

Los Angeles Dodgers 13, Atlanta Braves 7 at Atlanta-Fulton County Stadium
Montreal Expos 5, Chicago Cubs 0 at Stade Olympique
Seattle Mariners 3, Chicago White Sox 1 at Comiskey Park I

Wow – sounds like a trend.

The President: The American Presidency Project appears to be a database of everything important that a president does and signs. On the day I was born in 1977, this is what Jimmy Carter did:

June 29th, 1977 Jimmy Carter Exemption From Mandatory Retirement Executive Order 12000.
June 29th, 1977 Jimmy Carter Bicentennial Functions Executive Order 12001.

The NNDB: The NNDB is a database of noteworthy people. Here are some that were born on the same day I was.

More events on June 29th: though they didn’t all happen in the same year, these all did happen on the same day.

More Events in 1977: There’s only two events off of the top of my head that I know of: Star Wars, one of my favorite series, swept the world to a galaxy far, far away; and Elvis Presley dies. In the meantime, here’s stuff straight from Wikepedia.com for other happenings that year.

June 30th: Although it’s the day after, I get the day off automatically, and plan to celebrate some. A get-together is planned @ Ruby Tuesday’s in Rockford, IL. for 6:00 that night. Anyone interested in seeing me is invited. 🙂


13 thoughts on “Random Thought for June 24th

  1. I don’t drink often, and I’m a beerman, so i’ll keep the smirnoff in mind. (Maybe I should book a hotel – on 4th of July weekend? am I nuts?)

  2. Hell, why not? Book a hotel, and have a killer blowout, man. Encourage all of your friends to bring 2 females, and a keg. Chances are, the night will be unforgettable. 😛

    ( Nah, I’ve never partied in my life. lol )

  3. I’m only going to say this once: I hope y’all are playing nice, because if you can’tI’ might have to make this a party of one. (and I like having friends at parties – they’re the real things that make a party fun!) 😀

  4. Anthony who? Buddies? Wait! Where am I? Oh shoot, I’m on Earth again, darn it…

    Not to get too sappy or anything, but Anthony has been there when no one else has been. If anyone deserves a father of the year and friend of the millenium award, it’s Anthony! You rock the mike, playah!

    Don’t worry Wayne! 🙂 It’s all good. Thanks for letting us comment on your blog, man!

  5. BTW, Anthony, you’ll have to settle for a Bud Light – my waiter had the worst luck with drinks last night. tell you about it later.

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