Five Things I’d like to do if I ever get Skinny

Have you ever wondered what you’d do if you had something about you changed? For example, if you had your nose fixed, would you try out as a supermodel? If you had more muscles, would you try to wrestle? If you were taller, would you go for the NBA?

Well, my big problem – pardon the pun – is a fixable one: Lose the weight. I’ve been contemplating what things I’d do if I could change that aspect, and came up with a list.

5. Hit on Females more

Being obese puts a clamp around your confidence – worsened by the reactions of other people. I try not to hit on females specifically because I can’t handle rejection, so being skinny might be the boost I need.

4. Enter a Triathlon

Most people I know who succeed in losing weight end up only wanting to do a marathon. I’ve never been a huge fan of running, but I’ve always loved biking and swimming. The running would just be a bonus because I’d finally be able to do it. 😀

3. Pick a Fight

I’ve always been a peaceful person who avoids fights like the plague. While this wouldn’t change, it’d be nice to know – and have others know – that I could stand my ground if I needed to.

2. Try for some Lead Roles

I’ve always wanted to be someone out in front, but, because of the weight, I’ve never had the confidence to do it.

And the one thing I’d do if I were skinny?

1. Go Skinny-Dipping with a Female!

Confidence, confidence, confidence – isn’t that what it all boils down to?


3 thoughts on “Five Things I’d like to do if I ever get Skinny

  1. I’m not saying you shouldn’t lose weight if that’s what’s important to you.

    But how about: five things I’d like to do…period.

    Do you want to climb a mountain? Go skydiving? Learn a musical instrument?

    Be who you are, and go after what you want, NOW!

    Don’t wait. Really. Don’t wait to do what you want to do, and seek what you need to seek. Lose weight, because you want to. But for God’s sake, don’t wait until you are “skinny” to have dreams.

    Christ, I’ve had too much to drink and I’m pissed off at your attitude on this. I’m skinny but depressed and unemployed. We are who we are. We should be loved because we are willing to love, and because we are human beings, not because we meet some kind of fifth avenue image of beauty. What you write here shows a deep, thoughtful soul, and you should be proud of that. Lose weight, my friend, but go skinny-dipping NOW.

    Read my blog, and you’ll see that I’ve been preoccupied with death and what’s important in life. And what’s important is that you are who you are. If you’re fat, you’re fat. If you’re a fat man who wants to lose weight, you’re a fat man who wants to lose weight. It’s all a bunch of shit. You are a “soul”, and a woman is out there–Jesus, I know there is one out there–who can love you for your “soul”. And your soul is part of your overweight-but-dissatisfied-with-obesity-body. DON’T MAKE LISTS ABOUT WHAT I’LL DO WHEN… Make lists about what I’ll do NOW.

    Listen to me.

    Do what you need to do. You want to lose weight, lose it. But don’t wait to look for love. You deserve love for who you are now, and not for who you fantasize being. Suppose you will never be skinny. Does that mean you don’t deserve to love and be loved?

    I don’t know you outside of blogging, but if I did I’d kick your ass, you sorry sonofabitch. Be who you are, and go where you need to go, and lose that weight, but look for love NOW. That’s what we’re here on earth for. Give your love, and find love, and keep writing your blog.

    Jeff (and I mean everything nicely)

  2. Thanks for the reply, Jeff – your words have sound meaning, even if you’re drunk. LOL

    Seriously, though, theres more to it than that. Take that triathlon idea above: The swimming I’d have little problem with, other than I’d exhaust easily and, because if my girth, would be slowd down. The biking part – the other part I love – would require a bike that would hold 400+ lbs of weight. And forget about running: I have a difficult time going up 2 flights of steps, let alone 20+ miles, and that’s just walking!

    Yes, some of it I could do now, but there are barriers in the way. For example, I could hit on and pick up ladies without losing the weight – but, even without the confidence issue at hand, there’s the promise I made to myself years ago not to drag my problems into a relationship. Being fat affects more than your mental health – like smoking, it cuts years from your life. The last thing I want to do is to get married only to have my spouse and loved ones see me at the gravestone a few years later.

    It’s easy to say “either lose the weight or accept yourself” when it’s not your problem – and I mean no offense by that. Being fat plays a large role in my self copnfidence, much larger than even I sometimes realize -no pun intended. It’s a lot harder when you’re the person, and the flaws you can’t easily fix directly affect the flaws you can. It’s part of why it is so difficult to lose it.

    I do these list to remind myself why I need to battle harder, smarter, and overall, better than I have before. These are reminders of the things I would, but can not, do, either because of physical or emotional problems attached to doing these. Yes, 4 out of the 5 are more emotional than physical, but they do tie into the physical problems in one form or another.

    But hey, i won’t lie – with the exception of the triathlon, if the opportunity arrises again to do any of these, i’ll do it once for ya. 😀

  3. yeah good comment there drunk Jeff…maybe if we lived in a fairy-tale

    a. not a single person who walks by you on the street notices you because of your “soul” so quit with that mumbo jumbo, looking for a soul mate is like trying to find a needle in a haystack while BLIND. If you believe in the soul-mate stuff, then your paths will cross
    b. its all about priorities. until you get your priorities in check nothing will work out for you.
    c. you wont get confidence by losing weight. you will feel different and look different but that will only last until you find something else that makes you “unconfidednt” in yourself. lack of confidence is a plague of the mind, having big muscles doesnt stop it from setting on, but it sure can help you scare it away
    d. tackle obstacles one by one. i feel for your lonelyness and i know how badly you want a woman to care for you but that will come as soon as you get yourself in order. success is snowballing effect.

    all in all, instead of dreaming what you will do when/if you’re skinny, how about dreaming about what you are going to do tomorrow to lose weight. you will never lose weight(in a healthy way) unless you make it your PRIORITY. losing weight is not something that happens overnight, while bumping into a cute girl on your way out of your appartment sure does.

    Yeah Jeff is right, its important to know what is important in life, but its also never a good idea to just give up. Do you want to lose weight? Good then start today, not tomorrow, or next Friday, TODAY. Make an effort and don’t expect results tomorrow. Don’t make some list of things you WISH you could do. Make a list of things you are fully capable of doing now and do them.

    Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm. – Winston Churchill

    I have my own battles so I’m just passing on some things that have helped me get a grip on things

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