The Return of the One…

The End of another season, more insight into the fictional – and non-fictional – works in progress, Thoughts from recent movies, and We now resume your boring mundane life(already in progress.)

Shall We?

The End of Another Season

I was going to post a bitchfest on how work sucks and how they can rot in hell, but then I’d need to change my shirt from all of the shit I was spewing. To say that I’m happy with how season ended is just as much a lie, so I might as well start bitching anyways:

+ We outdid anything we did in any previous year, and we were not expected to hit our goal. When you set a goal, and for most of the season, achieve it, and to have it be quadruple what any of your previous seasons were, it’s very difficult to call it a failure. However, …

– The quality of work went well below the norm. When you’re creating books that, for the most part, no one will care about until they get older. they won’t care until then how professional or well done that book looks. There are some that will look at it a lot earlier, and for a long time.

We deal with books that last a long time. they won’t know where that book was printed, but they will know the company who did. When that happens, we just lose a potential customer. Not good business sense to push away your customers because “you have a quota.”

+ Number of hours is down. Normally, this is a bad thing, (I like my money to be big, and $11.00 an hour just won’t cut it.) but when we’re hitting our numbers on less work, that’s the direction everyone wants. But, …

– The stress during the biggest quotas was not caused by the quota, but by select individuals who should not have jobs. A number of games were played – between people within each shift, as well as inter-shift – that turned me from a “Happy to do 70-hours-a-week” person to a “I’m going to kill the next fuckup” person. I could accept sloppy, unprofessional work from someone who’s trying, but I expect more from the people I work with when they play games. And the types of games people were playing weren’t stress-releivers, they were playground-in-kindergarten type of “He’s touching me!” after you’ve warned them for the millionth time to knock it off and not touch each other. When I get this way, I don’t feel proud, I feel ashamed that I call them my co-workers.

+ We finally got an Employee-of-the-Month award. Oh wait, that was for me – does that count? 😉

– We had a meeting with HR on BOTH shifts. For those of us on second shift, it was because no one reported the person who said a homosexual offensive word, and for first shift, it was rumored to be either the lovebirds thing or the fact that a certain individual was saying nasty things about females. (I hate rumors – don’t you?) In either case, both were caused because the person who complained went straight to HR and did not confront either the individual or the boss first (Legal and acceptable on work rule standards, but not on respectable or moral terms,) and because, in the end, no one had the RESPECT to do the right thing and not say it.

Overall, this season sucked. What good does it do to hit our goals when people are being lazy and causing problems for their fellow co-workers? We lowered our standards by not only horsing around, but by pushing sloppy work to make up for it. Had people actually worked, there would be mistakes in the books that I’d have to fix, confusing items to work with people to learn, and other problems that occur within a stable work enviroment, but the qualityt of work would have been better while the need to push myself to do twelves and to have people doing 9 hour days instead of 10 would have been greatly improved. overall, a lot to work on.


I’ve been trying to make sense of why everything feels wrong to me, why it feels just like my last stressed-out season, and why I can’t lose weight, drive, or ask a girl out, and I’ve come to a conclusion: every solution I have had to conquer a problem so far has been little more than a bandage designed to prevent a huge leak. These leaks spring anyways and create bigger problems in the end. It’s just like putting seran wrap around a hot and leaky pipe: it will work for a while, but eventually the seran wrap will either melt or start leaking too. I’ve never addressed the bigger issue at hand, so I never could fix the problem, only patch it over until it leaks again, mainly due to the fact that I don’t know where the problem is.

i have a lot to work on, and soon…

Battered and Bruised

The bad thing about planning is that sometimes it can go too long. I am still not finished with it, so unfortunately, I still have plenty of work to do. The bright side is that, now that season is done, I can focus some of my time on this project. I am shooting for a november release for the first book, and probably June for the other two. (This gives me until Labor day to get the first one done, draft and all, and November for the first drafts of the other two.) The goal is to use the feedback from the first book, and subsequentally the second, to correct and fix problems in the second and third.

I still can’t reveal too much, due to not having everything copyrighted yet. What I can reveal is that it’s a love story crossed with a thriller crossed with something I have yet to see. (Not saying it isn’t out there, but I’ve yet to see my type of character in one place.)

The RB-Photoshop thing is targeted for November, as well, but I have something else lined up RealBasic-wise real soon. You see, I often compile a ton of data for a project, and often it is unorganized. (And you call me a slacker?) So, I’m going to create something to help me organize the way that I work. Expect it in September. 😀

Two Need to See Movies, and One to Avoid…

What’s there to do when you only have one day off from work a week? Rest, and watch movies. Thoughts from the last three I’ve seen…

Silent Hill

Go see this film now! It’s been out long enough that it may already be gone from some areas. It’s not scary, in my opinion, but it works very well as a thriller. A great piece for those who like video game films that don’t suck.

Mission: Impossible III

Avoid like the plague! It felt like a TV movie in which Tom Cruise got to call all of the shots. William Seymour Hoffman, the bad guy, did nothing to convince me that he was anything like a badass he was supposed to be, and the good parts of the film – most anything not involve Cruise – didn’t happen enough. (The notable exceptions being any involving Ving Rhames – He should have his own movie.)

Let’s hope this is the last sequel.

X-Men III: The Last Stand

Go See this Film. The now goes double if you’ve seen the first two, and triple if you’re a fan of Rebecca Romijn. (Two words: Butt naked!) It’s not as good as the first two are, but given it’s competition, plus how far off it’s not from these two (If there were points, all three would be close in the high percentages,) it’s probably the best film out this weekend.

And if you’re wondering why I’m not seeing or recommending The Da Vinci Code, don’t worry, I haven’t gone religious yet. I have not had the interest or desire to read this book yet, and in cases of this caliber, having read it helps. I don’t know when – or if – I’ll get to it.

We Now Resume Your Boring Mundane Life (Already In Progress)

This is the first of many updates to come. Sorry I couldn’t update often, but that’s what happens when you push yourself beyond expectations. See you soon.

BTW, I met a real nice woman over the weekend to which I left a number. While I look forward to seeing her this weekend, I hope she calls soon. 😀


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