Update April 10th, 2006

“The rumors of my demise are greatly exaggerated.”

I don’t know when I will be posting again, but while I am here… Time

My apologies for the lag of time between posting, but I have a lot of variables going on in my life. First, I am in the middle of a vast upgrade undertaking, designed to streamline and ease my workflow as I gear towards the projects I have to do. Second, and more importantly, I have seen little outside of work, and will continue to do so until our job starts winding down near the end of May.

All of this has put a hamper on the book, which is delayed indefinitely. When we go back to normal hours, I should have enough time to continue writing, which is one of the three major tasks needing to be completed. Hence, the workflow upgrades, the second necessity in this project.

<> Thankfully, the third thing – money – is almost ready. I am still looking for a server for advertisingand marketing purposes, as well as for a new front page. I also need a new bank, and a lawyer to protect my property once it is copyrighted. With a lot of overtime weeks left, and the upgrades almost done, I’d say I’m in good standing to complete my tasks, even if I run a little behind.

EOM Dinner

Not much to say. If you ever are wondering what a good steak tastes lik, try the Steak Sinatra at Nunzios in Loves Park.

That was really the only notable thing about the dinner. It was all of the supervisors, the plant manager, and the HR lady, and for the most part I sat and listened. Good and interesting conversation, but there wasn’t much where I fit in (no offense.)

<>The person I was hoping would get EOM next unfortunately did not. That’s ok, TK – I’m still pulling for you, if only because I believe in the idea behind the EOM. (Now if only my company could find some way of adopting that idea to better serve its purpose…)

2nd Chance

Remember in the beginning of March, when I reported that I lost my weight loss bet? turns out I didn’t.

In the middle of February, the person I was against transferred to a new position in another building on a different shift. Since then, we haven’t had much communication, due to lack of overlap. Needless to say, he forgot.

So, on the 21st, I should have something to report as to whether or not the second chance was a win or a loss. Right now, I have 20 lbs’s to lose, thanks to a 10 lb. wieght gain over the past couple of weeks. 😦 The bright side – and possibly the only good thing about being over 400 lbs – is that 20 lbs can be lost in a week and a half, and still have extra to spare. (This is not something you want to do all of the time, as it can be one of the things that turns into diabetes, if done too often. If done right – and I have done it right before – it can be healthy, with minimal damage to the body.)

(And no, I neither recommend gaining 400 lbs to test this, nor trying to do rapid weight loss in any diet. Both add unnecessary problems and risks to your life, sometimes even leading to death. I can do it because I am already there, but the whole reason I am doing it is to get away from there. I hate going to the mirror and asking if this is the day the docs carry me away – I’m 28, and shouldn’t have to do THAT! In short, not worth it.)

That’s it.

Sorry, but as I expressed before, there’s not a whole lot to say. It’s one of those things that happens with me around this time of year: Work becomes my life. It’s one of the reasons why I don’t pursue relationships with people, change my schedule wildly (hasn’t worked at all this year), or attempted to do anything like this in the past.

I’ll try to post as soon as I have some news worth reporting.


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