Overdue Update (aka “Where’d My Marble’s Go?”)

A week without any update ain’t fair to those who visit and read this, and I apologize for not doing so sooner.  (Just a fair warning: expect this until Mid-June.)  In case you’re wondering what’s been going on, here’s what happened in my little tiny particle-sized speck of the world this week…

My Sister’s Getting Married!

Last week while my sister was in Georgia, Her boyfriend surprised her – and the rest of the family – with a major question.  While in Underground Atlanta (I think – it’s been a few overdue years since I visited there), having caricatures of them being drawn, the guy drew a picture of him with a ring.  Then, getting on one knee, he popped the question.  They plan to get married in the fall.

I won’t lie in saying that I was disappointed in not being there to see this, but I’m glad she’s found someone to be happy with.  (Note of advice to her:  If you have any kids before you’re thirty, expect a stern talking-to from me – I don’t want to see you have the same problems Mom did with us!) 

The score in the family right now:

My youngest male cousin:  Still in high school.
My Sister: Engaged.  (Congrats!)
My youngest female cousin:  Married.  (To a good guy, I might add.)
Me:  Single.  (I find it funny, this predicament I am in:  people far worse off than I finding someone they want to be with, yet I can not.  Maybe I should see a shrink to remove a few issues…)
My oldest cousin: Married.  (She may not be blood, but I still consider her family.)
My father’s side of the family:  unknown all.  (Last I heard, my half sister was supposed to be married, but that was a few years ago.)

Project Delays and Notes:

Have you ever tried to start some projects, only to find you don’t have time to finish them?

The place where I work at has been on a heavy demand since I started the book project, and while I was hoping to accomplish all of my promises on time, I do need time to recuperate from sitting in front of a monitor for many hours in a day.  So:

  • The RB project due at the end of the month is pushed back to July.  This will allow me to do some testing and get legal copies of the software that I need.  (As well as a machine fast enough to do it on –  a Mini, anyone?
  • The Book is being moved to the end of September, with an internet launch around the end of June.  This will allow me to get the copyrighting done, spread a little time to the RB project, and continue my work struggle.
  • Due to the demand of my work schedule, this blog will go to a weekly update schedule.  I may update in the middle of the week, when opportunity knocks, so be prepared.

I am currently seeking the following:

  • A web host who has cheap bi-weekly affairs, handles php-bb and WordPress blogging, and can offer assistance on anything I don’t understand.  Best deal gets me in.
  • RealBasic PC Programmer – when I return to the RB project, I plan on trying to make it both cross-platform (PC/Mac – sorry, linux users, but unless you have a scriptable Photoshop alternative, this won’t help you much), and will need some help in doing that.  While the main code will be cross platform, and I can look up the Windows side of things in the LR,  I can’t add any PC scripting code nor bugfix a PC. (Mainly due to the fact that I don’t have a windows machine)  Photoshop scripting experience is a plus though not necessary.  Any profits gained will be split according to the amount of work vested by both of us – a 60/40 split at most, with me getting the 60 (extra percentage on my end coming from supplying the idea and writing the book to go with it.)

More coming – stay tuned…

EOM Picture

This is one of the few times where I wish I had some of the pictures from it.  In addition to my boss being in it, we had a little fun.  (I’d spill the beans here, but I don’t want to give away anything they don’t already know.)  A hinting towards a future project, perhaps…

Future Blog Articles

One of the reasons I’m moving to a weekly format is so that I have extra time to develop story ideas such as the now-disasterous Dream Machine articles.  (These will be revisited this summer, as it’s something I want to visit bi-yearly.)  Coming Soon:

  • A Fan-Fiction short story set to one of the many projects that is inspiring this piece of work.  (Many of you will be surprised by the settings… Shhh…)
  • On the Pod:  This was an article originally set for my original web site, back when I was carrying around back-breaking weight from CDs.  (I may be burnt out on music, but that’s works fault on the specific types I hate now.)  In addition to starting a weekly series from this, expect to find out what all is currently (As of the time the article is written) on there now.
  • More music:  The Book Soundtrack:  The story I am writing for a novel is from an idea I had for a small movie.  When I do a project, I try to think of all of the aspects of a project, including influences totally unrelated.  The list of songs (most of which you can buy now, if you haven’t already got it) will be reflective of both the writer being influenced and of the characters and stories tying to this novel.  (Consider it an unofficial “soundtrack,”  Where you get to pick and choose which ones you listen to and buy, and why they influence this project.)
  • The Walking Man:  Why I choose (and consider it a choice) not to drive, and my thoughts as a passenger.
  • Finally, Dream Vehicles will explore the various machines I’d like to own and drive/ride.

More soon on projects like this.

City Stupidity…

To each and every person who either did not vote on tuesday or voted down the sales tax hike:  Why elect someone new, who promises a bright future for the city, then shoot down everything he proposes that’s meant to help us?  While I understand the hurt it will add to many of our pocket books next year, If we don’t start supporting this man soon, he’s going to become another dud.  I voted for him because I believed he could make the necessary changes Rockford needs, not let this ___-backwards town put its head back into the sand.  We need to be a little supportive of his ideas if he is to lead us out of this funk of job loss and into the city I believe it could be.

To the Mayor:  it’s hard to believe you were ever even connected to lawyers sometimes.  Three failures ain’t a good mark so far.  However, you and I both know the city’s always been like this.  My suggestion:  Quit asking people to put their stamp of approval on it.  You already know we don’t want taxed, so why ask it?  You know many of us don’t trust the local government, so why push for something that pushes their greatest fears?  Focus on controlling what we do have first; Then, ask us for that tax bill or visit from the Sherriff’s police.


If you’re in the Rockford area, come hang out with me at Showplace 16 for the final showing (of the night) of V for Vendetta.  I’ve been waiting too long for this movie to come out, and I know if it sticks as true to the Graphic Novel it’s based on as I’ve heard, it’s going to kick butt.  Besides, it’d be nice to see some of you in person.  😀


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