Random Thoughts 4 : ouch, that hurt!

Employee of the Month, Going Too Far, and Delay of Game…

Employee of the Month

Understand one thing:  this isn’t about not appreciating what have – it’s about failing to see it as a good thing.

Yesterday, a rumor floated that I was employee of the month.  (I will give it a strong rumor that may well be true, as it was given by both my boss and his wife.)  If it is true, then someone needs to do a double check – not necessary, in my opinion, of me, but of the system itself.

To get employee of the month, there are a number of pre-qualifiers that must be met.  You miss a few, you don’t get a shot that month.  Plain, simple, clear cut.  One of these rules is an attendance policy that states that I must be on time every day for a month.  Not just in and out of the time-clock, however – that includes the lunch breaks we clock out for, and the days we miss.  I have been ineligible from day one of the thing (If I Recall Correctly), due to the weird bus schedule that I have.

I missed two days to pneumonia last month.  I was late plenty of times, and take two extra-long breaks during last month.  Even with the fact that I was excused (by the hospital, no less) for the pneumonia, I shouldn’t have qualified to receive this.  What has changed, if anything, that has allowed me this?  because I certainly don’t recall hearing about it at all at work.  (The way I see it?  If a ____ __ like me can get it, so can anyone else – and there are just as many who deserve it more than me.)

Here’s the real kicker, and why work is one of those things I try to avoid on here:  I can’t mention the name of who I work for online.  If I make mention of the fact that I work for this company, and they find it, wordpress.com will receive a nice letter from their lawyers specifically asking them to remove the offending article, if not the whole site.  And yes, because I am not in a high enough position –  something very tough, considering that one of the highest ups whom I went asking about this and whom I think should, for all legal sakes and purposes, be able to have that same right, does not.  I can’t even be certain if the head honcho in my plant can say it, either.  That’s weak and sad.

I can understand plenty of reasons why not to let someone in low (read: my) position have the right and ability to say this – after all, there are many ways competitors can use this information – but the way the company handles this is pretty messed up.  Rather than having us do a CMA (Cover My Ass) sign sheet protecting both of our interests, they flat out disallow it. So, even though I’m proud of the company I work for, or that I’m proud to win an award from them, I can’t say who that is, or make reference to them, for fear of legal action.

Of course, should I have to worry?  After all, it’s not like I get a million of you a day (I do appreciate the three or four of you who do visit!), so it’s not like someone’s going to magically step onto this site, and go, “OOOH, WOW, WE FOUND WAYNE’S WEB SITE!  LET’S SEE WHO HE WORKS FOR!”  (If I ever hear this, pray I’m not in a position to smack you one!)  Most people won’t care!  To those who do, know this:  If I could, I probably would, just because of this award, but otherwise, I wouldn’t, because there are so many legal problems that justify the rules my company has.

So if you nominated – or have nominated in the past – thank you very much.  I question, however, whether right now was the right time.

Going Too Far

This is a story you otherwise would not get, had it not been for the story above.  An incident where the only similarity is the location.

This one involves an older gentleman – we’ll call him “uncomfortable,” since the last few times prior to this incident, this is how he has made me feel.  Why am I uncomfortable, you ask?  Well, if you were to believe each and every story told about this man, the guy should have been fired with another coworker of mine a long time ago, just on attitude.  The main reason, though, is that there’s been a distancing.  You know how you go and see people every day and say hi to them, then one day something just feels different, and it continues until you rarely, if ever see them?  Kinda like that – he wasn’t a big friend, but when I did see him, it seemed like he was distancing himself away from me.  Kinda awkward.

Even with the crazy stories I heard before, this one takes the cake:  a fellow coworker (sex and age unspecified) caught him in another area with his pants down.  Now, I’m not sure where or how the “powder” fits in here, but when he came in today, he still kept acting weird.

I try not to judge people based on what I hear.  I try to be fair to everyone that I can, and I only go by what I hear when finding the truth out is unavailable.  After this, along with the actions taken by everybody, I’m certain he did do what I think he did and got caught doing it. 

And why beat around the bush here?  Well, apart from the fact that I was told not to speak of it, I was not there for said incident.  So, for all i know, a belt could have come undone, or he lost his way to the bathroom, or something – God knows how – spilled “down there.”  It’s a funny story, no doubt, but unless I have proof it happened – and I sure as hell don’t want it – I don’t know.  Because it ain’t about me, I don’t care.  I just hope people realize that.

Delay of Game

Due to overtime hours, some retooling, and insufficient notice, I may not be able to post my update on Sunday like I planned.  I’ll explain when this is all over, but I’m not out of the habit of making huge mistakes yet.  (Stupid IRS!)

See you as soon as I can.-


2 thoughts on “Random Thoughts 4 : ouch, that hurt!

  1. Hey. This may be a little OT, but Wayne, you made me have flashbacks, darn it!!!

    I remember when I used to work for big corporations and had all the non-disclosure and non-competes and all of that stuff. I just hope I NEVER have to go back to that again. I gave corporate America something like half of my 38 years, and what do I have to show for it? The first ‘real’ corporate job I had lasted 6 years until they folded, and just about every place I worked for after that either merged or just plain shut down. I was laid off at one place and fired for medical reasons from another. So, I got tired of working for other people. I got tired of losing my job for no good reason, I got tired of bosses being unreasonable for no good reason and got tired of being taken advantage of, again for no good reason.

    Now I work for myself (more or less). While I don’t have the security and backing of some huge or even moderately sized corporate entity, being able to forge the path my company takes is awesome and I can blog as much as I want about it, if I choose to. Not all of us can do this, and in your case Wayne, I hope for the day when you may find something better or who knows, you might even run your own company (or go in partnership with someone). I can’t say that every moment of working for big companies has been horrible; I met a lot of cool people and life-long friends that way, it’s just that those who truly deserve recognition, raises or promotions often don’t get ’em, and the people who don’t deserve them, do. Argh!

    Working on your own or with a partner is often stressful and can sometimes keep you up at night, but a great deal of whether you succeed or fail is based on how hard you work and how devoted you are. Seems like that sometimes happens with working with big companies, but even then, if the CEO or CFO goes off the deep-end and messes up the company despite your hard work, it’s pretty much in vain.

    Anyway, just keep pluggin’ along where you are, Wayne. Before I got into computers and software full-time, I was in various machine maintenance and engineering positions, including maintenance supervisor at one point. I know the ‘plant’ life…I’ve worked in nasty, filthy rubber o-ring plants all the way to the other extreme, clean-room work at a medical device manufacturer. Ah the good old days.

  2. For those that might have noticed, I had to remove a posting today, that was an advertisement long removed. I was fooled, and I apologize for the mistake.

    to anyone who is going to use my site as your advertising springboard, PLEASE DON’T. See my spam page above.

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