Random Thoughts 3: Revenge of the Thoughts

More news and tidbits for all of you wondering WTF I am up to…

Weight loss bet a loss…

There is a reason why I hate gambling: I hardly ever win. so I figured it’d be easy to at least be on par with another coworker when, back in January, I made a weight-loss bet: 10 lb. in 2 months. I got even cockier a week later when I was laughing about losing 7 lb. that week. (If 7 lb. was that easy, how much more before I get down to a lb. a month increments?)

Needless to say, two months later, I gained back all of it, plus two more. Even without knowing what he weighs I lost, and now owe him a healthy (read: good for the body, not ton of food) dinner.

Why did I fail? I didn’t exercise. Plain and simple.

I used to walk everywhere, just to get place to place. to get home early, I’d walk down to the Walmart that’s two-and-a-half miles away – an hour walk for me at that time. Bored? Go for a walk – feel better.

For the last 12-13 months, I haven’t been doing that quite as much. Too much to do at work. Too many distractions at home.

I don’t need to state the obvious, but for those who don’t understand why I’m not blaming the food, it’s quite simple: The easiest way to lose weight is to burn more calories than you take in everyday. That’s it – no high-protien-low-carb solution, no-stick-to-this-food-and-you’ll-be-fine gimmick, no god damn diet pills. Burn off more than you eat, and you lose weight.

That also explains why I lost: I haven’t changed my diet much since the last time I was on a diet. Ever since I started getting lazier and lazier (I ain’t going to lie, some days I do veg out in front of the boob tube) the ride has been a rollercoaster. One week, I’m losing because I simply don’t get up – or don’t have anything – to eat. The next weekend, the famous Chinese man that screams, “You here four hour! You go home!” Is chasing my ass out of the third chinese buffet in town, egg rolls in hand. (OK, not quite that bad – There aren’t many buffets in the areas I go to on the weekends – but I do eat!) Because my exercise has gone down, my weight has gone up. Simple picture, right?

So the thought has swirled my mind the last few days: Why haven’t I done anything about this? My answer: too many excuses – no clear answer. Too much to do at work/home, depression, anger, too much busy work in daily life, etc. throw in hte fact that I am trying to chase after dreams, and you get the idea.

I’ll let you know what I decide to do about it when it happens…

First update a week from Sunday!

For those interested or excited about the Novel or the RB project that I am working on, pay attention: On Sunday, March 19th, prior to leaving for work, I will be posting updates on the projects, good or bad. Let you guys know what I have in mind to teach you how to do in RB, and possibly even a tiny glimpse into the story.

And for those with Passwords, be warned: those same passwords that you used for the last posting will also help you out here as well, as you guys will also get the changes I have in mind to the business plan, as well as a way to get the complete timeline. Ain’t invitations fun?


I am looking for some really good web services. I’d like to be able to cross PHPBB with WordPress to get a flexible site that accommodates my needs. If anyone has some good ideas on how to acheive this or knows of cheap services that offer easy-to-configure-and-use services for both of these, please leave me some feedback below.

Bed time – see you soon. 😀


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