Forum Munchers

What ever happened to a nice, decent forum conversation? Why is it one or two people have to show up to ruin a good time?

In case you’re wondering what I am talking about, go over to either or, and start looking for Icon, OregonBlount, or his latest, UnableToCompile. (I forgot what his last one was, that’s how sick of him I am!) One minute, you think he’s a nice, innocent, misunderstood individual who’s only trying to help you, and the next, he’s got nothing better to do than to throw up some smartass remarks of how he hates the software and wishes the company to burn – on their web site!

But this isn’t what has me burned to a crisp – oh no. This latest stunt he pulled, which can no longer be viewed, since the forum administrators (wisely) removed said picture the next day. (For those who missed it, it was row upon rows of Nazi’s in uniform – not a welcoming committee I’d like to face!) Then, to make matters worse, he compared the recent Real World convention to that.

I don’t have problems with people who don’t like stuff – so long as they respect the people who do like it. So you like Microsoft Windows over Mac OS X or Linux – fine, just respect the fact that I may like those instead, and there’s no problem. Don’t shove it down my throat of how much better Windows is than either of those two, Don’t try to piss me off or get into mind games, and DON’T, DON’T, DON’T throw hatred or other mean-spirited images and sounds into how much you hate something!

And, should you have such hatred for something or someone in that much of a sense, take it up with the person or company, not everyone who likes the person or uses the product! Unless they robbed you blind or did something to hurt or kill you, quit skywalkering to us, because we don’t want to hear your whiny ___! Chalk it up as a bad product/person and move the hell along.

If you see someone doing this, warn them to knock it off. Help them if you can. If they carry their whining on after that, smack them in the back of the head with a baseball bat, because talking to them won’t help. Don’t play their games, don’t let them escalate, and don’t let them get you into trouble, because it ain’t worth it.

And now, to tone down my angry response on that forum… 😦

(EDIT: Since this morning when this post originally hit the fans, The forum administrators at have removed any and alll postings relating to said topic or this S.O.B. Good job – granted, now this whole posting looks stupid, since no one will know what the hell I am talking about, but any reference to the offending piece has been removed as well, meaning certain offensive messages won’t spread.

There is also – in bold lettering, no less – a [BANNED] next to his name. Don’t know if they booted his butt, because the official “this user has been banned” isn’t on there, but I hope they took it one step further and arrested him, as it’s been his fourth or fifth time banned.

And if they didn’t, well… they showed more mercy than I would have.) πŸ™‚


6 thoughts on “Forum Munchers

  1. I saw this post, and I’ve been sick of this guy for quite some time. I believe this action should’ve been taken long ago. However, I will say that at least he chose a proper medium for his concerns(just not in the form they were presented). I believe the forums is the right place to address these things, why bother the employees of RS if there’s something about the IDE that he hates which we may be able to remedy. I think the Nazi rally image was WAY over-the-line, and though I feel his previous annoyances deserve reprimand(temporary suspension, locked topics, deleted topics), I don’t feel that those previous incidents deserve bans.

    It’s important for us, as RS supporters to also understand that we’re all different. I don’t like having the tabbed IDE. I like to have different windows for all my projects items. I wouldn’t want to be banned for voicing such concerns on the forums.

    In closing, I’m not defending this sap, I’m just saying that we needn’t let our “blind support” as he called it, overwhelm us. These annoyances are everywhere, we have to learn to ignore these people sometimes. πŸ™‚

  2. The previous three times he was booted off and banned were because he voiced his opinion in inappropriate ways and areas. When someone is asking a question, the last thing they want to hear is “This sucks, the company sucks, the product sucks!”

    The first time, I was dissappointed – He refused to be peaceful and he was booted. Okay, fine. Maybe he would think things over and change. Maybe he’d get his head out of his butt and decide to either come back and be respectful and peaceful, or – at the very least – not come back at all.

    He came back two times more and did the same stuff. Each time, I was hoping that maybe he’d change. I was hoping he’d change, but I was wrong each time.

    This time, I didn’t even know it was him until he made the remarks he did after posting that hateful picture. He got his message acroosed loud and clear. I’m makingmy choice – and my voice as clear as well.

    The reason he got banned was not because he voiced an opinion that went against Real Software’s opinion, contrary to his or anyone else’s beleif. It was how he acted and treated people while he went into these rants. He chose to disrespect others, and he was subsequently banned for it.

    The reason I choose to keep my responses of anger limited is because I respect those whose opinions and thoughts help me get my job done, and those whom I contribute my thoughts and opinions in the hope that it helps them. That’s why I try not to take it beyond a posting. I even sent a message to one of the admins that I would tone it down after the troublemaker got my message.

    Humans are capable of many mistakes, but they are also of many changes. No one is incapable of making the right or wrong judgements. If you ignore someone, and they do change, you can’t help them because you chose to ignore them. I may not always be helpful with people – hell, somtimes I like to have fun too, no lies about that – but when and if I can, I choose to try to help.

    Yes, this was written in anger, but when someone goes and gets banned four times, there is no choice but to take action. I hope RS is taking action, because this punk needs a head adjustment.

  3. Hey Wayne,

    I PM’d the guy right after the Nazi pictured was pulled and tried to use reason…it just didn’t work. Guess he or she didn’t have the guts to respond personally to me.

    As I said in response to him/her, “There are two kinds of people: 1) People who sit behind the broken-down car and honk their horns 2) People who get out and help push. I told UnableToCompile that he/she would probably get more sympathy for their issues with REAL if they just stuck with the normal channels and stopped acting like a spoiled brat.

    Anywho, nice blog. Guess I’ll visit more often!

  4. Thanks! Seeing you guys from the forum helps make my day brighter! πŸ˜€

    I tried the peaceful route with him as well a couple of times before. In his case, it isn’t worth it. Some people just can not see how others view them, and are blinded by their own hatred and ignorance.

    Most of the time, I’d hope for the best – people make mistakes, and for some, it takes a swift kick in the gut to see the error of their ways. This guy doesn’t need a kick, however – he needs a sledgehammer. As I stated before, He burned his bridge with me.

  5. Welcome to online discussions. Seems every product with any depth to it will eventually attract a malcontent or two.

    I really liked this from your post:

    “I don’t have problems with people who don’t like stuff – so long as they respect the people who do like it.”

    Man, if only more people followed that simple advice we’d have a much happier world…

  6. The only real problem with that is the same thoughts bouncing around in the minds of many smokers(which I am). “If I don’t care about my lungs, why would I care about yours?” “If I don’t like this product, why would I care if you do?” I don’t know, these people just piss me off to no end. If I don’t like a product, I uninstall it, despose of whatever media I may have which contains said program, and move on with my life. But this breed of i-Moron is just too childish to manage such a thing.

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