Random Thoughts 2

Writing in a sweaty apartment sure stinks…

So, I’m not working on the timeline at the moment – which would be a good thing, if I didn’t already have too much on my platter. Should be writing a novel, and instead, I’m debating as to whether to clean or wait until morning. In the meantime, I’ve been silent, popping up at a few of my friends sites, as well as the RB forums, so I might as well make up for it.

Mac Mini and the iPod Space-Waster… err, Hi-Fi

Apple did a couple of blunders this week. First, they made 2 blunders to the Mac Mini, in the process of speeding it up. Second, they created a beautifully-designed paperweight speaker system.

The Mac mini, which – In my humble opinion – has very few uses – got a major upgrade in the form of Intel Processors this week. The bump up in processor, in terms of speed (thanks to it being a dual-core), and the loss of its second monitor port were big improvements, as well as the bump in memory. (A 2 gig mac Mini? Who’d a thunk?) Way cool beans – until you begin to realize the two big deprovements: First, the graphics processor, an ATI Radeon in the last version – was replaced with an Intel GMA950 graphics processor with 64MB of DDR2 SDRAM shared with main memory. That means that, if you stick with the bare minimum, you will only have 448 Megs of memory in your new Mac. Now, remember : your memory and all of your apps have to share this – in other words, don’t expect Photoshop (were it a Universal App) to run any faster on it. Second, with all of this, they bumped up the price. Now, some of you might be thinking, “Well, it comes with front row and the Remote Control”, but think about it for a second: what if you don’t need it for either one? What if it’s being bought as a printer/scanner server, or some other non-multimedia use? In fact, while we’re on multimedia, why not better handling of the graphics end, such as VRAM not being a part of the main memory? I know we can do better than Intel graphics at a cheaper price, so why not go that route? Or is this another part of the Intel deal?

To get a New Mac Mini that comes close to what I’d want, just based on what is in it, I’d have to shell out $1452 – WITHOUT a Keyboard, Mouse, and Monitor. The next comparable thing is the low-end iMac Intels , which, with a similar configuration on memory and HD space (and both with their repsective warranty extenders) is only $395 more, or $1847. That’s without the extra 3 inches of monitor space, the upgrade in graphics or hard drive, or the faster processor. If I’m going to shell out that kind of dough, why not just get a bottom-of-the-top-of-the-line Powermac G5, which starts at $1999?

Then there’s the iPod Hi-Fi, Which looks exactly like what it is – A GIANT IPOD SPEAKER. That’s right, I didn’t say system – yes, it might have an amp, remote control and a few speakers, but it’s all in one box! It looks great, probably sounds fantastic, and would be great in any person’s home, I would imagine – until you realized that they spent $350 on it. Am I biased? This time I am – I’ve not heard it, not seen anything but internet photos of it, not seen one in stores to test it. However, even with the possibility to hook it up to my stereo, it’s too much to pay for something like that – especially when there’s cheaper and more useful options available. Sorry, Apple, but that’s two royal-blunder products right now. I hope the announcement in April ain’t the same way – at least redesign one of the other 2 machines for more than improved speeds. (And no more integrated Intel graphic BS!)

Cowboy Bebop 5 Remix 5 – where is it?

After Remix 4 nearly snuck by me, I’ve been waiting anxiously for Remix 5. (For many who did not read my review of Remix one when it was at my homebase, I plan to watch all of them in order, without watching the original series – the only thing that throws it out of order is that I’ve seen “Knocking on Heaven’s Door”, the Movie, already – in fact, that was one of the things that got me interested in the series. That review should reappear in a few weeks.) Remix five was supposed to be realeased this past week – but, according to many sources, has been pushed back. Best Buy said the date was removed last week, and I should check back with them this week (not happening, due to fundage), as well as March 28th, when the final one was supposed to be released. Some other sites, however, has been posting the date for the last one as the same day as number 5 – could a dual-release be in the works? That’d be cool!

On a side note, another series I follow – Burst Angel – just released the last one this week. I’ll probably finish that series out this weekend.

Real World 2007?

No, I’m not going on the MTV Reality show anytime soon (I have enough problems trusting people I live with), I’m talking about the 3-day jaunt in Austin, Texas every year. Ever since I’ve started using RealBasic for my programming needs, I’ve wanted to go every year, it being the only computer-related trip i want to take besides MacWorld and E3.

So what is Real World? From what I have read, it’s an annual event where the top programmers and users of RealBasic get together for seminars, announcements, and fun. It usually happens (to my knowledge – correct me if I am wrong!) around the end of February, in the middle of the busy season for my job. That, combined with money issues, prevents me from going every year. (Same thing with Mac World – why’d you have to get rid of Boston again?) From what I’ve heard, this year’s was the best, as a good chunk of the people from the forums (realgurus.com and forums.realbasic.com) went as well.

So, I’ve set another goal: Besides the upgrade, next year I am going to be there as well, season be damned. Much of what I do, both directly and indirectly affects my programming, and any advantages I can get will help me.

Low Numbers for Visits

It doesn’t suprise me that I don’t get a lot of visits, since I am such a low ball oddball, and that I haven’t done Realbasic stuff in a while, but among the low points for me this week was only having (at this point, and to my knowledge,) only three responses to my business plans. Out of those, only one actually read my plans. (One of them couldn’t visit, which neither surprises or disappoints me – he’s in another country, and a very busy person, so I had to Email him a copy of them. Hope he got it.)

I’m not disappointed at the lack of visits – at this time of year, most of my friends are busy people, and don’t have time to surf the net, let alone get interested in someone’s plans. What does concern me is that everyone, for the most part, ain’t psyched up or wanting to help this – in fact, while everyone can’t wait to see what I am writing, only one person has said they’d help me – and he’s my only visitor in that area. Since the majority of the invites where people whom were friends and family, people I could trust, this is a minor let down.

I know they have a lot on their plates as well, but there’s a a lack of enthusiasm there that I detect as well. They all want to see the novel itself, but they don’t have much in the business side of it. It throws yet another curve ball in my goals – I have something to work on again. Fun fun.

Speaking of Novels….

Back to writing. More later. 🙂


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