One more random thought…

When catching up on old news, sometimes you run into a little Stupid. Just ask Scott Stapp, former lead singer of Creed…

In the newspaper yesterday: an article on the Sex Tape involving Scott Stapp, former member of Creed, and Kid Rock, a musician who’s done little to interest me musically. (Both Kid Rock and Creed I have seen live – Creed in Madison on tour for their second album with Sevendust, and Kid rock on Tour with Korn and Metallica in Atlanta, where Metallica had to reschedule because of an accident involving james Hetfield, both in 2000.) In the Article, Scott Stapp claims the Sex tape was organized to be released as a way to ruin his career.

The part that gets me laughing is that he actually says that the videotape was was released to hurt him because someone din’t him to have a succcessful solo career.

Scott, you disappoint me. You make great music with a band who ends up splitting from you because they were fed up with you. (Think about it for a second – they could just as easily kicked you out of the groups, since they came back together to form “Alter Bridge.”) So, you go solo, and the first single you release is all of this religious dribble that was slowly but surely seeping into your music with Creed. (I ignored it then, because I enjoyed the music, irregardless.) And now, someone releases a videotape of you doing something that’s against what most of Christianity thinks today. (In fact, it’s against most religions that I know of, since most have some form of not dishonoring the woman you love.)

Even if you were seperated at the time, you should have thought a little more clearly about that before doing it. Number one, you were a rock star, which means – like anyone who becomes famous – you have to be careful about what is photographed or videotape. Singers hugging fans and kids? Cool. Singers getting a blow job? Not so cool. Which one is going to be thrown up against you later?

Number two, it goes double for someone who claims to be of a particular religion, and in a few cases, gets preachy about it. If you want to preach, become a minister or priest. (Apologies, as I don’t know which form of Christianity he believes.)Be sure not to do anything that goes against your preaching, however – people don’t like hearing it, and will hold it against you later.

Number three, write better music! People tend to relate to you more when the music isn’t narrowed to a smaller audience. Not everyone who listens to you is going to be a Christian, a Jew, or any other bible thumper. You don’t have to talk about killing or hurting others, you just have to be relatable to the ordinary person.

Finally, quit pissing people off! If you want people to actually respect you and listen to what you have to say, you can’t be preaching to your audience, you can’t be disrespecting and fighting your friends and fellow musicians (bandmates or not), and you can’t be having a woman get your ___ off while being videotaped. Quit being a whiny-skywalkering-female dog and start doing right.

And why ain’t I trashing Kid Rock in all of this? After all, he’s suing to block the tape, right? Well, that’s about the only thing he is doing about it, though: He isn’t whining to the press about how it’s urting his career, or making such a fuss that it becomes bigger than his career. Most of all, though, he doesn’t preach to his audience or treat his fans or friends like dirtbags. Think about that – the fact that I would rather see him play live again before you.

We now return to our regularly scheduled rant… 😉


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