Random Thoughts 1

Request for future contestants who buy music, What low numbers mean to me, being too psyched up, and What comes after Mushroom Samba?

Before we get squared away, go visit my friend’s website: http://www.rockfordfishing.com. I just heard about it this morning, although I don’t fish (I’m not patient enough, and haven’t the time or tools to do it right now), it seems to be really useful if you live in the Rock River Valley. (Hey, LB, mind catching up with me sometime? 🙂

Also, to all of my friends: If you want me to post a link to your site, let me know. Either E-Mail me, or post a reply below.

Now – pardon the pun – onto bigger fish:

Request for Future Contestants Who Buy Music

If you’re a regular to Apple’s website, you already know that Apple sold the Billionth song. (Yes, I am salty – I wanted to see that go down, if I couldn’t participate!) The Song? “Speed of Sound” by ColdPlay. Now, if it was “Talk”, I could understand (I really dig that song), but SOS only angers me when I hear it. (This is one reason why I prefer CDs and – hopefully soon – an MP3 player over radio: It has become too This-is-what-you-listen-to-and-you-will-like-and-buy-it and not enough Check-this-out. Podcast creators, take note of that: I don’t want to hear a million different versions of the same song over and over and over again.)

Why couldn’t the song have been something original, like a B-Side or unplayed track from a good group, or something defining, such as Jimi Hendrix, Buddy Guy, Led Zeppelin, or even Roy Rogers? Why couldn’t it have been something that actually make you think about the song? You won 10 iPods, an iMac G5, and $10,000 in music, and you had to get something that gets more playtime than a hooker in Vegas on the Fourth of July? (Made you laugh, I hope…)

Ok, I am Skywalkering, being a whiny little kid because I didn’t win the big toy. At least I wasn’t the one who wasted that Billionth song on an overripe turd. (You could have humored me there!)

What Low Numbers Mean to Me?

Quick, what’s the most amount of people visit my site in a day?

Give up?

So do I. I drop a bombshell, try to be entertaining (or, in days like today, on the humorous side of excited), and yet I have difficulty breaking past 1 person a day. Even friends don’t visit.

Truth be told, it’s a refreshing feeling: I only like easy feelings when making purchases. If there’s nothing left to work towards, why bother doing this? Why bother with an online journal, when a notebook costs less than a dollar nowadays, and (in my case) is just as public?

It gives me something to work for. It gives me drive, reason to work harder. I honestly won’t care about how many visitors I get in the future, because I know, once I get my goals accomplished, this will get plenty of visitors anyways. Best to work on my skills in entertaining while developing a better organization of thought.

To the people who do visit on a regular basis, be it every day or every week: Thank you. At least I have your eyes open.

Being Too Psyched Up

So, in case you’re curious, the major goal of the weekend has been accomplished. I now have a working timeline for my novel. It just needs to be typed.

In the last two weeks, I have improved my times for hitting targets. I can’t wait until June, when I am working on the possible sequel. (Just for the record, it’s going to have to bomb in order to not have a number 2 in the line. Even I’m not blind to a limp dog.)

I can’t wait to start revealing the story, either. I don’t expect a lot of sales, as most of the advertising is going to be internet-and-word-of-mouth based. If i manage to hit towards the average sales for a book at, say, Barnes and Noble or Borders, I’d be happy. In the mean time, I think all of you are going to dig the story and the characters that shape things in it.

One thing I am going to do is start compiling lists of inspiration. What of our real world helped to create and shape these characters and this story? What would these characters listen to if it was their story? What music and movies helped to shape and form the characters in this story? That sort of thing…

Be looking soon for more. 🙂

What comes after Mushroom Samba?

Just watched “Cowboy Bebop Remix Vol. 4” yesterday. Can’t wait for 5 and 6 to come out. “Mushroom Samba” has now replaced “Jamming with Edward” as my favorite episode. Wow – ‘shrooms make you do that, man? I needed a good laugh. 😀

More soon. 🙂


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