Two Weeks of Catch Up…

Brief and interesting thoughts that didn’t make it, either because of time or sickness…

Awards and Announcements

I used to videotape awards shows all of the time. No, I could care less what ther people think should win an award, as most of the time I want to hit the idiots in the face and tell them just how skewed and stupid their opinion really is – so what if a hundred million people think like you do? No, I’d tape them for the performances. Every year, there’s that one thing you wish you had because of how unique or cool it is. That’s what I treasured about my VMA videotapes: watching Metallica play a new song two-three weeks before the video ever hit (“Enter Sandman”), Pearl Jam play an oldie with one of the men who created it (“Animal/(Keep on) Rocking in the Free World”), or Axl Rose and Elton John on stage for a second time in a row together (“November Rain”) and having something of a record to say, “Yeah, I saw that.” The only thing that sucked was that, because of how much it would cost to do or whatever legalities were involved, These were never the types of things you’d see on stage again, and if you did, it’d be because someone got their brains together and made it happen at least once.

That’s why I taped this year’s Grammies: I knew there were two performances I wanted to see. Unfortunately, one of these would disappoint me.

But first, the good one: After the kick-ass performance by Paul McCartney (I’m sorry, but even though I’m not a Beatle’s or a McCartney fan, that was a cool performance of “Helter Skelter”), Seeing Jay-Z and Linkin Park perform with him the way they did was the highlight of videotaping it. (Copyright dumbasses: I only videotaped it because I was at work at that time.) Although that performance would be topped by the “Sly and the Family Stone” and New Orleans tributes, it’s proof that, if these award shows would ever get it in their minds, they could make some bookoo bucks off of these things. Congrats to LP, and can’t wait for you next album. (More on that in a minute….)

The disappointment of the night? The Gorillaz/Madonna collab. The first half of that was really cool, and seeing it put together with De La Soul interacting with them was killer. But then you had to bring Madonna out, and that’s where it all screwed up. First – and this is why I think an early retirement for pop singers should be mandatory – a 47 year old woman in a swimsuit is only cool at the Olympics, and only if said 47 year old can compete with her younger competitors. It is not cool on stage, no matter how sexy you think you are. While I could hope to look that good at that age, her attire – especially compared to everyone else in the performance – was out of place, and stood out like an ugly sore thumb.

Second, the mix-in – and this is even bigger than the wardrobe screw-up – is the selection of song. The only thing good I can say about it is that it fit in beat-wise, and that became unimportant when “Feel Good, Inc.” ended. (If there’s a break between songs, the beat is unimportant – unlike mixing and mashing songs Ala Jay-Z and Linkin Park.) I’ve always thought Madonna’s musical talent didn’t lie in pop, but in her slower songs, and unfortunately, the Gorillaz have nothing to match that.

Finally – and yes, I’ll admit it is nit-picking – but one of the dancers looked like a real-life version of the Bassist of the Gorillaz. Soon as I noticed that, the trainwreck was over, and I could hit fast forward to watch the other performances. Creepy.

Madonna, next collab you do, PLEASE use your head with it. You’ve done some cool stuff, collab-wise, in the past, and this shouldn’t have been any different. You ruined an otherwise good performance.

Back to Linkin Park and Metallica: the past couple of weeks have brought an interesting announcement: Both will be produced by Rick Rubin. Yes, the same one who worked with Jay-Z, Run-DMC, Beastie Boys, AudioSlave, and the Red Hot Chili Peppers. It also means Bob Rock can not fuck up any more Metallica Albums.

(And yes, I am blaming Mr. Rock for the mess-up that is “St. Anger” – after all, he encouraged the band to go through all that rehab BS in the first place, and didn’t stop them from putting St. Anger together in a month and a half. He even played Bass on the album! He should have encouraged a six-to-twelve-month cycle to help the music on St. anger Become beefier, and to encourage Jason Newsted to consider returning. Not that I blame him for skipping, but after the stuff he has done since leaving, James and lars should be on their knees begging Newsted to return.)

Two Month Delay On My Projects

After a lot of thought and rest, I have decided that August, not June, will be when I make my first real mark. Although the site should be up and running in June, the stuff it will be for, which was supposed to be finished by the end of this month, will not be. With the busy season hitting us hard right now, and not letting up until June at the earliest, two months is all I can afford to give without pushing it off for too long.

In the mean time, the first steps have been taken towards promoting it: a MySpace account has been made. Not much will be there immediately – again, along with my home page, don’t expect much until June. But, if you want to add me as a friend, here I am.

The new deadlines are:

  • The RealBasic/Photoshop Scripting tutorial: April 30th.
  • First Published Fiction Novel:

– Details: May 31st
– First of five Mini-Series: June 29th
– Release: August 2006

No new details until then.

One more month to be able to tell me your favorite movies

Remember a month or so ago when I posted this little ditty? Well, you only have one more month for posting. After that, any entries posted will be ignored.

Also, check and respond to these other postings:

Be on the lookout for more articles as they come up. 😀


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