Back from the Dead…

Random thoughts before I hit the sack…

My voice may not agree, but my body feels like it is getting better. (On the other side of the coin, at least i am sounding less like Darth Vadar every day. “Luke, I am your father…”)

One of the better things about being sick is the perspective it puts you in. Instead of being bitter and grumpy, you come back with kinda a relieved feeling. (Especially when you’re like me, needing Death himself to pay a visit to slow me down…) It also puts into perspective what is and is not important. You know it’s a bad sign when you need three days of rest to return to sociable.

So what can be learned of this? The main thing is obvious: don’t burn candles at both ends. It’s hard to keep perspective on this when there’s so much you want to do, such as lose weight, date, cook, clean, write, watch TV, movies, concerts, perform, direct, and so on. I’ve been pushing myself, trying to meet deadlines so that I can build up a good name and a good reputation, so that people actually have want and need and not “oh, well, it’s here,” to visit my sites and projects. Yeah, I won’t lie: I’d like to be able to live comfortably off of my projects, but I would rather be able to get them out there than keep them couped up in my head until I can. Some of the stuff I am doing is exactly that: build ing a name.

But, I can’t do that from a hospital bed. I can’t do that dead.

I’ll try to have stuff ready by June. 🙂 Keep your chin up, everyone!

And now, for some more needed ZZZ’s…


4 thoughts on “Back from the Dead…

  1. Sorry, but how do you manage to put only an excerpt on the front page of your blog? I am new in the World of WordPress. I wish I could shorten my entries. Is that a question of the template you use? Dont think so. Treid it with my Blog – the problem remained.
    Thanks for an answer (if there IS an answer),

  2. I’ve been using a demo of Ecto for all of my blogging so far. (Planning to purchase it soon.) In it, there’s a field at the top, just above the main field but below the Title Field, that I enter my quick summaries in. I think there’s a similar setup on the site entry, if I recall…

    (Update:  There is a button, right next to the “insert image” button on the site  that allows you to do exactly that.  Click on this, and everything inserted into the top half is the summary and the bottom half the main page.  Hope that helps.  🙂 )

  3. Thanks, but 😦 that did not help. You must have another template so. There is a mask where I can write an excerpt. But this does not appear in my “sapphire theme”. Maybe it’s just for RSS readers?
    Yet thanks so much. Take care.

  4. You should be able to do it no matter what the theme is. How are you entering into your blog? As I said, I’ve been using Ecto, and it works great for me, but even without Ecto, you can do it from your writing area on here as well.

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