Update of the Sickness, part II

The deathbed seems further away than yesterday…

Sitting up for 13 hours straight, getting ready to go to work…

So What happened yesterday? A lot of sleep, that’s what. The conjunctivitis – “Pink eye” – seems to have cleared up on its own. (This leads me to believe it was more to do with stress than with any F’ing disease!) My voice has regained its strength, which in a way, kinda sucks, since I was kinda warming to the “Barry White Soul Brotha” thing. (Yes, it was that bad – I’ve made more than a few Vadar/Palpatine Jokes that scared the shit out of me, they were that bad!)

More likely than not, I’ll hold back tonight, maybe tomorrow night, so I can readjust my body to “normal.” After that, I’ll figure out how I can go Back-Against-the-wall without killing myself. I now have new inspiration to draw upon, and a few new ideas to toss into the mix. I’m not going to push for June – realistically, with what I want to do, it’s too soon – but I’m going to focus on pushing something meaningful out.

I don’t expect to be back on here until near the end of this week, as I want to concentrate on healing. that said, don’t be surprised to hear from me soon. 🙂


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