Update to the Sickness

Remember that sickness I was talking about in my last post? Too bad it’s not a cold….

For those few who come here wanting to find some news on what Mr. Winquist is up to, rest assured: I haven’t died… yet. What I originally had planned, and how I was going to do things, however, has changed.

So here’s the scoop: I ended up leaving work early Thursday night, having progressed to a worst state. Rather than going home and getting some rest, however, I decided to go to the ER at Swedish American Hospital. after a quick review of things, my panic was abated for a little while: in addition to being exhausted, I only had a common cold and Conjunctivitis. (For those who don’t know what it means, the common name is “pink eye.”) 40 minutes and (yet another) bill later, I am on my way home, with plans to go into work early and get that prescription filled. I actually got a few hours of rest.

When I woke up, a new and familiar unpleasantry added itself to the mix: The dull and nauseating feeling around the upper center of my chest. Thinking it was probably just Acid-Reflux (WTF this hospital is chewing 15% of my paychecks for), I tried going back to bed. Two differences made this impossible: First, the fact that it wasn’t going away and (in many ways) felt like it was getting worse; and second, it was spreading like it was a bubble rather than going in any particular direction, like AR sometimes does for me (either in the fiery pits of my stomach or the acid backwash at the top of my mouth.)

Needless to say, I was on the bus by a quarter after Noon yesterday, bussing it to Swedes again. I’m glad I didn’t take a taxi: For the next hour or so, I was waiting inside a packed E.R. full of people in more need than me at the time. (Just a dumb thought: aren’t the people with chest pains supposed to go to the top of the list, and not the bottom?) When they finally check me out, and do an EEG (something unusual there), they put me on fast track. This is in spite of the fact that I complained of chest pains and that my BP was well above 100 in both systolic and diastolic numbers – a bad sign, especially on the latter side.

I will have to thank the doctor who ended up checking on me that day, someday, as she had noticed what everyone else had not: my previous history there. (It’s understandable that they overlooked it, since I did go a lot of times thinking I was having a heart attack – what else could weird chest pain be?) after seeing that my BP wasn’t going down, and that I have since slowed down the number of visits to the ER, I was wheel-chaired (by this tiny woman, who can’t understand how good-looking she was or, in my case, just how heavy I am to her), back into the main area of the E.R., where they did Aroma-Therapy (a first for me -man, too bad none who heard me earlier in the week could have heard me after that!), blood-work, and full-on X-rays of my chest. After two hours of being categorized as an in-and-out patient, the next-three hours seemed like a breeze.

Around 5 o’clock, where I am getting most uncomfortable (due to needing to hit the restroom and being kept in a full-sitting position that was just as uncomfortable as laying flat-back), I got an answer that both shocked and vindicated me: pneumonia. Shocked, because the game had changed on me, and vindicated because, for once, I was right: had I tried going the normal route, they may not have found it at its early stages like they did here. I might not have made it too much longer. (Not that this is a guarantee, either, but it’s best to know what it is you’re fighting before you fight it: You wouldn’t fight a three-headed robotic hydra with a Ball-point pen, would you?)

Anyways, I do feel like I am getting better, after some much-needed ZZZ’s and the medicines I am on. (Not all have been filled, however: I need to find my BCBS card to be able to afford the puffer and the Conjunctivitis medicines, for example.) Needless to say, any plans have now been pushed back until I get better before I even consider time-frames, and certain plans – for financial reasons – have been put on hold indefinitely. I owe someone an apology on Monday (He was the one that I had originally thought gave me this – plague-bearer was actually innocent), and I am stuck with the same insurance I had last year, unfortunately. (Yesterday was the cutoff point for changing my insurance plans at work – coincidence?) After I get better, I will have a lot of cleaning to do, and unfortunately, if I see “Underworld: Evolution” in theaters, it may have to wait until it hits the dollar theaters, as I have a feeling my next outing won’t have that movie there. 😦

I’ll post again when I get better. In the mean time, I need to catch up on my ZZZ’s. Sorry.


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