Not Posting for a while…

Apologies in advanced…

This blog won’t be updated again until Sunday, February 19th. Read on for more details…

The main conflict that I was afraid would interrupt my postings has happened again, and we are back on OT at work. (Money – Yay; Lack of Sleep, Miserability – Boo!) I’m a workaholic: even the majority of my off-hours is dedicated to work, with the outside hours dedicated to projects like this.

There is two extra reasons: first, I’ve recently came down with a cold, so right now I should be sleeping and resting rather than typing. (Don’t worry, if you see me at the RB Forums, commenting at various other blogs, etc., just expect it less as well.) Second, and more important, I have 2 projects with deadlines of the end of the month that I want to get to my friends (The ones who will be helping me) by that particular Saturday. These projects are going to help shape the direction of where this Blog – and my other future projects, including my home base, my website – heads in the near future. (Besides, I know you don’t want to hear my bitch or complain about stupid people all of the time, right?)

Feel free to review my previous posts and leave me comments; I’ll try to answer. I’ll also keep my chat lines open: BigPappaWin on either AIM or Yahoo, or Email or respond to me. Let me know what you want to see, what you’re interested in, and expect a surprise when I return regularly! 😀


One thought on “Not Posting for a while…

  1. sec, I need to start up my AIM spammer, so I can flood you with peculiarly misspelled messages about pornography, erectile dysfunction drugs, foreign pharmacies, and ladies in your are who are registered at an odscure website with no real backing. 😀

    JK, by the way. 😛 If you ever get bored, I’m “EveryFallacy” on AIM, and “metal_man123” on Yahoo!.

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