Dude, You (almost) Got a Darwin!

Living proof as to why stupid people shouldn’t be allowed to drive, go to Super bowl parties or play with Balloons…

(Or breed, for that matter…)

You know it’s going to be a difficult debate between Creationism and Evolution – after all, it’s hard to retrain years of thought in one way to another, and there’s no proof on either side – but it’s hard for me not to find people who dislike the Darwin Awards. They need another category, though: an award for the most blatantly stupid, most hilarious survivor story. If they that category, these two are definitely contenders:


Now before you get all mad at me, think about the size that balloon would have to be first, as well as the contents used for it. How many people are going to use torch gas for a balloon? At least dude is paying for their stupidity.


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