Vermont idiotic nutcase suing Apple over copying software ideas

It can be found here, in case you’re curious. (Found at MacAddict’s Website.)

What is it with these people? Don’t they have better things to do with their time, such as actually coming up with something better?

That’s something that really annoys me. Yes, I have seen plenty of ideas I had come to fruitation without my involvement, but you don’t hear me skywalkering about it. There are very few ideas I get that someone else hasn’t thought of, and from what I have noticed, many people think more closely to ideas than they realize. Doesn’t mean we should pitch a fit when someone does take an idea we had; it just means that we should try to do something better, or different, than what they are taking.

The real kicker – which is why I laugh at this – is that Apple bought and used another program for its underpinnings, and while those underpinnings may have been replaced with better code, it’s no secret as to which program was bought. (Anyone remember SoundJam?) While it’s understandable that the only place he could sue now is Apple, it’s a losing battle, and he really should have sued Casady & Greene first. (Especially before they went out of business!)

Stop frivelous lawsuits!


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