Challenger, 20 years later…

There’s something that has annoyed me for a while called Where were you when…., where you got to hear stories of what people were doing the day that particular event happened. My experiences with this question, in terms of being able to answer it, is limited to September 11th, as everything else associated with this question usually has happened before I was born. (As for what I was doing on September 11th, I was doing what I normally did at that time of morning: sleeping!)

There have been a few events where I could answer that has surprised me that it doesn’t get asked, and this is one of them. My story: I was in second grade at Windsor Elementary in Loves Park, IL, watching the whole thing unfold before my eyes. No one expected it, and because I’d never seen a shuttle launch before, I didn’t know that wasn’t supposed to happen.

Click on the link above, and read through this piece, as it is very interesting.

One last thing: Because of a busy schedule and BS going on in my life, I’ve had to postpone the last articles for the Dream Machines until later this week. Sorry, but too much BS going on right now.


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