Not so favorite things about forums

Aka Opinions are like…

When I first got online back 96, I mainly avoided forums and the like, sticking to chat rooms because I could understand that better. (I couldn’t find, and didn’t know, what to look for, and the sites at that time weren’t all that developed.) I learned three things prior to kicking myself off (aka getting in trouble) a few years later:

  1. Some people have that magical ability to make enough time to be complete and utter dicks who can waste everyone else’s time by pissing us off.
  2. People online aren’t always who they appear to be.
  3. is very difficult to persuade people to see your point of view.

What amazes me is that nothing has changed 10 years later. Yes, thanks to PHP, SQL and the rest of the new technologies, communication has greatly improved, with Blogs, forums and chat rooms that are easier than ever to access. (Yes, I know I am using Chat Rooms and not IRC, but with so many ways to chat that are similar, I choose to use the term I am the most familiar with.) Yet, morons who blatantly abuse all three when they disagree with something wreck havoc on those of us with better things to do.

One of the forums I frequent is for the only show i videotape on a regular basis: 24. On there, I replied to two posts. One of these asked about who would make for a good future villian. (If I recall correctly, I suggested Emperor Palpatine and Gollum, with a nod to Mike Novick as current characters who’d be a good head villian.) The other one was about whether or not 24 would survive without Kiefer Sutherland, aka Jack Bauer. A big majority of the posts have said it would not.

On another 2 forums, where I frequent most by necessity, A person has posted a few times on both, has been banned on both, because he was skywalkering about the changes made to a program that I use. Now we have another person (whom I suspect might be related in terms of lack of clear thought, though has been respectful otherwise) whom I suspect might be either related to, or is, this person. (I haven’t called him out because there’s not enough evidence to prove this other than the lack of clear thought in posting.) EDIT: Since this part of the article was written, the user in question was banned. I hope he reads this.

On one of those forums, questions I asked three monthes ago are suddenly getting replies. Of course, these questions have since been answered, or have had something else taking care of them, and I should have left them closed. Now, when I express this, said person doesn’t know to stop.

In the case of the first forum group I wrote about, they have their opinions, and I just don’t agree with them. Their reasoning bugs me a little, but no one tries to pick an argument with me over my opinion. It’s a good thing.

The last one listed, the problem is mainly the guy, and he’s new. I just need to update my long-sinced-passed posts a little more to make sure people are aware of what’s going on. It’s cool.

It’s the thing in the middle that I have to take issue with. In all cases, the person did not like the product they had, so they came on the boards to gripe and moan about it. That’s fine, and I have no problems with not liking something. But, in each case, said individuals have gone on to cause further problems and ended up getting banned. The more they do it, the less I feel bad about it.

I have problems with one thing, whether it be chats, forums, or any other form of communication: Respect. You can disagree with me, but respect me. Don’t pull out threats, harass people or make a nuisance of yourself. I’m not too bitter about it this time because I did tell him twice to not waste people’s time and space with his complaining. He went the wrong direction in telling me how to shut up.

If I disagree with you, I will let you know that I do, but unless you’re acting like a fool, I will respect you. That’s all I ask, though: you treat everyone wherever you are online as if they’re face-to-face with you. You do this, I have no problems.


One thought on “Not so favorite things about forums

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